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G&A Productions Presents famous Actress, now Author / Poet for your campus wide events.

                             Bern Nadette Stanis

a well sought after guest speaker and panelist for some of the most coveted national speaking events, both ethic and non-ethic forums just off the heels of releasing her new book, “Situations 101”. She’s been invited to address self-esteem,
issues and related topics, which is the premise for “Situations 101," including magnet schools as HISD’s Codwell Elementary and William E. Holland Elementary School Fine Arts Department in Houston, Texas with others pending on her calendar.

Among these widely attended events are, the Congressional Black Caucus’ Annual Legislative Conference, Tavis Smiley Health Fair, Recording artist, Big Boi and Andre’ 3000 of the group Outcast foundation event, Department of Energy, Federal City Alumnae Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority Inc's Annual Literary Exposition, and more. Stanis has been featured at the PBS talk show host, and best-selling author, Tavis Smiley’s Health Fair,  Tom Joyner Morning Show and on Phillip Gregory's JPC RADIO Show and nationally syndicated BET Black Entertainment Television show host Bobby Jones Gospel’s International Gospel Industry Retreat, St. Louis, King keeper of the Dream celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Day, The Power of Influence, JP Morgan Chase, Fox Television NY celebrating Black History Month, The 12 Annual Black Heritage Arts Festival, Tom Joyner Success Matters (Miami) 

She is best known as Thelma from Good Times! But there's much more to her then that. In the 70s, Bern Nadette Stanis was the personification of Black Beauty. As sophisticated and graceful as she was, she still became TV's first Black sex symbol or "It" girl. Thelma/Bern Nadette and The Evans Family also proved many stereotypes wrong about the ghetto and the young black girl, like for instance...that all Black girls and Black families in the ghetto had no hopes, dreams, or class. Thelma showed that a "ghetto girl" had hopes and dreams, intelligence, respect, dignity and grace, and it wasn't just acting, Bern Nadette was that naturally. She introduced a new definitive image of the young Black girl and woman.

Stanis is back with a vengeance in her quest to quell apparent ‘self-esteem issues and insecurities in young women. Astonished by the everyday questions and persistent dogmatic relationship environment family, friends and women in general endure and sadly see as ‘the norm’, Bern Nadette was prompted to do more than have phone pow wow’s about possible resolutions. She was determined to proactively seek a forum to reach these ladies and stop the cycle of perpetually ‘justifying' reasons to remain in sufferable relationships. Her hope is to go beyond scraping the surface of why we tolerate what we do, but to dig deeper and breach the core of self-destructive behavior in relationships.


About the Book

“Situations 101”

  (ISBN# 0-9770361-0-3)

The book is written in a non-intimidating manner, drawing the reader in. What unfolds next is a telling piece of work that invokes roiled anger in readers, ignites controversy, self-reflecting dialogue, and a working disbelief as well as a quite empathy for those in denial. The sometimes comical and difficult to digest book is at times diplomatic, and at others, tackles responses head on, insisting we ‘get back to the basics in mastering relationships.

Bern Nadette Stanis on JPCRADIO with JPCRADIO HOST

JPCRADIO Exclusive, BernNadette's Poetry


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